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Welcome to At Home --a new innovative direct sales company 

I was recently asked to join At Home to help promote their products.  I spoke with their representative and starting learning more about how the company works.  At Home started unveiling their new product line in March and after viewing it, I was all in -- and I would love for you to be included!  
If you LOVE decor, cooking, spotting & sharing bargains, ✔ us out!
• NO parties
• NO kits
• NO fee to join
• NO sales quota
• NO hidden fees
FREE means no reason NOT to give it a TRY . . .you have nothing to lose! 

Message me with any questions or for information to join us for our Wednesday evening opportunity call.

OR, if you are ready to jump in, simply click "join at home" from my website --- it's just that easy.

I'd love to partner with you on our fast growing team!

*if this opportunity is not for you but you know someone who would be perfect - please feel free to forward & share my information. I'm happy to answer all questions. We need lifestyle consultants all over the country ♥ ♥ ♥

Contact me to talk or visit my website and JOIN At Home today!'
We love that you do not have to worry about carrying an Inventory, or Shipping out product.  They take care of this for you.  

Each week beginning Tuesday Morning -- we offer a NEW Flash Sale!  Allowing us to sell (for a limited time) a different manufacturers best sellers -- at wholesale prices without the wholesale quantity commitments!

You can advertise your At Home store on Facebook and other social media venues -- including your own web site if you have one.

This kind of thing is obviously not for everyone but for some of you this would be great for added income.  Within my first few weeks of doing this, my team is growing, learning and sharing -- and having so much fun!   I would love to have you join my team!  

We offer weekly business opportunity calls every Wednesday at 7pm Central Time -- just message me if you would like to receive the call in number and listen in on a call.

I believe you will agree that At Home offers a wide variety of products at wonderful price points -- vintage, chic, glitzy, traditional, country and modern! Really something for everyone -- including furniture (using the same manufacturer and Crate & Barrel), Lighting (our chandeliers & pendant lights are being spotted all over design magazines & websites and we offer them for typically half the price!) and much more to come! 

If you are interested click the link below and sign up to start earning easy income!


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