Thursday, March 29, 2012

BLiNGY UpDate for a Couple of Curvy Girls

I fell in love with the quality and design of these Amber Glass Fruit Bowls -- but when I wanted to change up the look, I wasn't afraid to pull out the Spray paint!
Here the Willow House Amber Glass Fruit Bowl (small) is given a makeover with Krylon's Looking Glass Paint. She has a beautiful profile, I just wanted to give her a BLiNGy UpDate.

I found the Looking Glass Spray Paint cheapest at Walmart, and shopped Site to Store for pick-up.  You can also purchase it at Hobby Lobby with a coupon for about the same as Walmart everyday price.

Using the directions provided on the can, I gave the spray can a good  L O N G  shake and spray nice even coats in a sweeping motion.  It took a few coats to achieve the final look I was going for -- but to be honest, after just one good coat they were more beautiful than I had hoped.  Almost like Carnival Glass -- very pretty.  Awwww . . . the Amber Girls are getting happy!
After a few good coats 2, with a 3 spot touch up coat -- and appropriate drying time -- this is what I was greeted with ☼ Ta Dah
I know, you're eyeing my Bali Scroll Treasure's Bracelet
(another BLiNGy update -- though this one is for my wardrobe ;) 
Absolutely Stunning in Multiples!  Three Gorgeous 'Silver' Bowls all lined up in a row -- what a beautiful (and SIMPLE) centerpiece!
Green Raffia holds 'clip-on' bird's nest (Restoration Hardware -- Christmas Ornaments :) and the center bowl has shredded paper with a nest.
Pretty, too, with a single blossom or a floating candle bobbing along its frilled shores. For fall, I may try a heap of hazelnuts, a plethora of pomegranates, a mound of shimmering holiday ornaments. All look lush and lovely held in the generous embrace of our hand-blown glass fruit bowl. The fancy, fluted trim and tall, footed base add a decorous note to any display. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope I have inspired you to give a Blingy Update to a couple of girls you own -- everyone needs a fresh look for Spring!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's My Birthday & I Want A GiveAway!

THIS GiVeAWaY CLOSED -- Watch for future GiveAways coming soon! Thank you!

How do you like my Calorie FREE Cake?  Well, it's one way to get ready for Beach Season -- which seems fitting since the stone planter is filled with sand ;)

I love birthdays, plus Mr. V and our son (Sparks) have fun making the day special for me. So I feel especially blessed.  Let's see if I can make someone else HaPPy on My Birthday -- with a Willow House Give-Away!!
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Increase your curb appeal by flanking your entry with columns of color, or add height to a garden landscape with our brown-rubbed black iron planter. Show-stopping with all three tiers, it can also be displayed with just one or two levels by removing baskets. Fill with pre-potted plants, or lift out the included coconut fiber liners for use with linens in the kitchen or towels in the bath.
16” diameter x 42” tall
A welcome addition to any porch -- perfect for growing herbs!
Are you 'wheels' just turning on how you can use the Botanica Tiered Planter?
And of course you would LOVE to get it for free!
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THANK YOU in Advance & Good luck, everyone!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to our HumbleNest

Greetings!  Welcome to my NEW Blog.  I am excited you came by and I hope to inspire you, and challenge myself, to create a feeling of welcome, comfort and beauty in our homes.    Springtime is the season of year when I feel the endless possibilities of life -- when the earth seems to burst at the seams with hope and renewal.  Yellow daffodils dance their welcome . . . dormant trees dress up in fragrant blossoms of whites, pinks and purples . . . and Mother Nature seems to say "rise and shine!"
Is it any wonder that we want to refresh our homes, gardens and yes, even our wardrobes? 

Your entrances, especially your most frequented front entrance, should speak to your family, friends and all guests who happen upon it.  It should say, "Welcome, come right in.  Make yourself at home."
Your entryway is your opportunity to make a first and lasting impression.  Here are a few ways to create a warm welcome, and a few ideas I am challenging myself to take on.

☼ Redecorate your doors to reflect the season. It is easy to ignore your front door if you don't see it everyday.  Entering and exiting our homes through our mudrooms & garage doors leaves little exposure to what our guests might see upon visiting.   It is easy for me to leave my boxwood wreath up year-round with little additional decoration.  In fact that wreath has called our front door home for 5 years (Yikes!) -- I do take it down and hose it off several times a year -- it is a pollen and dust magnet and birds have been know to try to build a nest within it.   I bought it from and though I don't remember exactly what I paid for it, I remember debating it for sometime -- well worth it, considering how well it has held up given the abuse it takes! 

The quickest way to add a touch of SPRING to our door with a bit of personalization was to add to the existing wreath. 

Here I added a wired candle ring, topped with a wooden initial, to a metal wall medallion suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Super Simple for Spring!

This medallion is also perfect as a narrow profile (between front & storm doors) door decoration, sans wreath (it needs a break, am I right?) and my wheels are spinning with different ways to decorate it for a quick seasonal change.

Anchor your entryway with urns, planters or topiaries.
We are fortunate to have azaleas filling our front flower beds in the spring. With such a bright display of color in our yard, our front steps can look downright dowdy.   A few planters filled with color are just the prescription to bring life to our entrance.

☼Brighten your door with a 'door bucket' to for styling seasonal flowers with ease.
Willow House's small Avalon Accent Tree becomes a welcoming door bucket for Spring. Wrapped in a large cabbage leaf, a burlap bow and accented with a simple bouquet using an assortment of bright faux flowers of various sizes.
For more FUN uses for the Avalon Accent Trees, see my previous blog post here.
For Easter, offer Peter Cottontail the biggest carrot!
Here the large Avalon Accent Tree is decked out for a 'Hoppy Easter'. Stuffed with orange crepe paper, a touch of floral foam holds a faux asparagus fern in place as the 'carrot' top and a moss bunny on a stick hops on top. Add some ric-rack streamers (as carrot roots) & a Must Have Mini Marker to greet guests and bunnies at the door.
Bright and colorful -- even without renewing my front door with a fresh coat of paint.  I like it!
I'm Linking UP with Rhoda's Southern Hospitality Spring Fling Door Decor Party -- hope you come join us!
Psst . . . I haven't blogged for 'a bit' but will admit to being a regular follower, crafter and lover of things imperfectly beautiful! You can find my previous blogs & posts here and here.    Thank YOU so much for stopping by -- and I would love to hear from you!