Thursday, March 28, 2013

River Bank{er} Barrister Bookcase

This post could easily be titled . . . I'll get by ♫ "With a Little Help from My Friends" ♪ . . . 
Our story begins when my friend Monica snags a well-worn Barrister Bookcase at a garage sale and 
brings it by my Humblenest, sharing the love and asking me if I could do anything with it.  
'Heck Yeah!'

He (I tend to refer to my projects in either the masculine or feminine sense -- not sure why :-) . . . 
needed a base to bring him up to standard console / sofa table height . . .
 plus, I thought he needed a little more weight on the bottom.

At first I wasn't sure how to approach this task . . . 
My bookcase wasn't a standard size to simply use a ready-made base,
and to be honest I wasn't too keen on the style.
So . . . I used 4 solid wood, corner feet and added a bit of rope molding to increase the 'curve' appeal.

My brother in law (friend 2) and his handy nail-gun and miter saw helped to 
make his new parts and original parts all come together nicely.
I knew I was going to paint and distress this piece -- allowing a bit of the stained wood to show through.
Since the new molding and corner feet were not stained I painted them first with a dark brown . . . 
I didn't have any dark brown chalk paint, but a friend did :)
So a quick call and short road trip and I had a sample of Virginia Chestnut (CeCe Caldwell's)
from my friend Allison . . . (friend #3 if you are keeping tabs).

My color inspiration came from an unlikely source . . . a salad plate:
from my 8 Great Ways to Set a Place for Dad blog-post
The plate is called Riverstone and the color is a warm grayish-blue with a medallion in taupe.

I painted the interior (and I apologize that I didn't open the glass doors!) in Annie Sloan's Country Grey
topped with clear wax and lots of dark wax to really bring warmth and depth to the piece.
The interior really turned out nice  . . . though it was a real workout on my arms to achieve!

For the exterior I created a custom color mixing :::
3/4 Annie Sloan's Graphite and 1/4 Annie Sloan's French Linen  {a YuMMy Color I will use Again!}.
He received a few sweet coats of my custom color and a bit of distressing.  
Lots of clear wax, with a bit of dark wax on his curves.
I also changed out his original hardware -- going with a wider knob, 
that was also a bit more masculine, in a oil-rubbed bronze.

Here is a great tip I picked up from This Old House for painting the wood around windows 
that worked perfectly for painting the glass doors.
Use Pages from an old magazines to keep glass paint-free (Frontgate's catalog was 
the perfect size for this project).  Simply wet the edges of magazine pages and press them 
onto the panes. After painting, the magazine paper peels off easily.
He was distressed in all the right places (kind of like Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. -- am I dating myself?).
Here he seemed to enjoy strutting his custom color in the sunshine.

He left my life too soon . . . he was sold at 'my shop' almost as soon as he came in.
He brought friends into my life and I made a new designer friend, Deborah, in the process.
Deborah proudly owns River and we both couldn't be more pleased.

Thank you for stopping in!  I always love to see a friendly face :)

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Beverage Cart --- or How to invite a Changing Table to a Party.

Forecast calls for Cool Breezes with a Good Chance for Cocktails by the Fire!
With a beverage cart your 'party' can go anywhere! 
If you want your guest to congregate on the patio, or perhaps by the fire . . . 
just roll your beverage cart out and fill it up with every thing a well-stocked party needs!

Our beverage cart wasn't always such a party girl.   I found my stable, reliable friend in a garage sale. 
She was once a hard-working Jenny Lind changing table; 
that is until she got her invitation to PARTY!

I gave her a pair of party shoes {a.k.a. casters} and
dressed her from head to toe in Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue. 

Accented her with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Versailles 
. . . simply by dry brushing and adding a swirly graphic on her top.  
Gave her a wax and a buff (kind of like a trip to the spa ;)

Now, she was feeling pretty, but also needed a little BLiNG . . . it IS a Party after all!
A little touch of Gilding Wax in King . . . 
. . . was all she needed to feel like a QUEEN!
I applied the gilding wax using a tiny paint brush, and boy does that stuff shine!  
Now she was dressed for the Party . . .

. . . so it was time to Accessorize with all our Cocktail Party Essentials.

I love how our martini glasses mimic her spindles. 

She was once sequestered to the nursery . . . now she is dressed and ready to join the party!

Thank you for joining me for her debutante party!  
This beauty is available at my 'shop' in the Vineyards Antique Mall and is ready to Party with You!
What's that?  Okay . . . one last curtain call ;)

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Faux Fireplace

One of my favorite projects we completed recently is the faux fireplace I added to my shop (booth space).  
After years of helping homeowners decorate their mantels for every holiday and season -- I knew that I not only had car-loads of mantel decor, but I also might be able to share some decorating tips through my displays.  Plus I thought it would add a cozy touch to my space :)

I was struck with the idea after I saw Sophia's shared on Apartment Therapy . . .
Source:  Apartment Therapy
Sophia was fortunate enough to have a really nice, oversized mantel available to use -- SWOON!  All the flea-market mantels I came across were WAY out of my price range -- so I decided to enlist the help of my hubby and bro-in-law to help me make one.

Here is what I used, in all the cost was less than $50 :::

  • wall mount floating shelf 48" wide (similar to this); our shelf was 10" deep that we had on display at our old house and never found a good spot for it in our new one.  I honestly do not remember where we bought it.
  • 48x48" plywood, we used 1/4" sheet as a base for the firebox surround, the shelf was mounted on top of the 48" sheet.
  • 1/8" plywood cut for firebox surround (fastened to the top of the 48" sheet)
  • Classic Pilasters from Lowe's
  • Set of 2 Corbels also from Lowe's (just used the ones I liked best with the Pilasters)
  • Nail Gun, Wood Glue, Caulk, Paint, chalk-marker and chalk.  Roller, brush etc.
I also used 2 sets of Damask Wall Accents from Southern Living at Home, that I had on hand.  This added a bit of fanciness to the fireplace surround.

Here is where you are going to have to use a bit of your imagination.  I asked my son to remove a game he installed on my phone . . . he wiped my phone, clearing my camera roll.  SO . . . I don't have all the pictures of the firebox surround coming together taken on my phone (Sorry about that).

After all the elements were attached and the mantel & firebox surround were one solid piece, 
I caulked around many of the seams.  
I also played around with the Damask Wall Accents to determine if their placement . . . 
and then I painted . . . 
. . .  and painted away.

I used Old White & Graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because it was what I had on hand -- 
and it covers SO VERY WELL!

I used a piece of white kraft paper and added the measurements of my firebox, to give me an idea of how big to draw my roaring fire.  I then referred back to Sophia's fireplace and used a ruler and a sharpie to sketch out the firebox -- 
the ruler helped with the angles and bricks.
Once I was happy with how it looked I covered the back of the sketch paper with chalk 
and tapped it to my dark painted firebox. 

Using a colored pencil I traced over my sketch to transfer the image to my firebox.

I followed that up by drawing the roaring fire with a white chalk pen, 
and white chalk for shading and highlights.

I was pretty tickled with the results!

I distressed the painted damask accents a bit for character and glued them down with industrial glue.

After they were stuck in place, the fireplace was ready to install. 

We anchored it to the wall and I touched up the paint a bit -- and vacuumed the floor of course. :)

I lost of lot of the pictures I took of the fireplace all decorated in my shop when my camera phone 
was wiped clean . . . but this may give you a little idea . . . 
. . . and another.

Many other projects to share . . . so I hope you come back soon!
Thank you so much!
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Easy Easter Tree Centerpiece

I picked up some mercury glass mini Easter eggs from Pottery Barn on clearance a while back 
and just ran across them (again) the other day . . .tucked away {I have a habit of tucking things 
away and forgetting about them -- you too?}

Realizing I didn't have a way of displaying them I decided to create a little Easter tree centerpiece.

I literally snagged a branch from the backyard and gave it a quick sanding, followed by a quick coat 
of Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (I didn't have any spray paint on hand, but
that would of worked too).

I added the branch to a terra-cotta planter that I previously painted in Old White, as shown here
using some floral foam and a bit of hot glue.

I decided to cover the floral foam with left-over artificial grass I bought at Hobby Lobby.  
I had used some of the grass previously in my Sister's Brunch Centerpiece.

It was easy to cover the foam with this grass.  I just pulled it off the plastic frame and added a 
large dollop of hot glue to the flat base and held it on the foam for a few seconds . . . 
working around the branch until all the foam was covered.
To add a bit of Spring to my bare white branch, I pulled a few buds & blooms off 
a silk cherry blossom branch that had seen better days. 
{why yes, I do have a closet full of faux florals . . . why do you ask?}
I used hot glue to add these blooms to my new Easter tree.

The mini eggs look dazzling on their new tree.

The Egg Hunt sign, is a mini-chalkboard on a stick I recently bought from Pick Your Plum.
I gave it a quick swipe with Old White Chalk Paint and used a chalk marker to write on it.

I am pretty happy with my little Easter tree -- 
so much so that I made two and added one to my booth space.

Thank you for stopping in! I would love to hear from you, and will be sharing more soon!
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At the Picket Fence

I'm BAaaacccCK . . . Changing Table to Kitchen Hutch

Let me start my offering my sincere apologies for being absent from the blog world for far too long!
I am SO Glad to Be Back and Giddy to Share a Thousand-and-One projects with you!  Many seasonal decorating ideas will probably have to wait until their next season -- but the furniture makeovers will be shared away!

I opened a booth in a local antique mall at the end of last September and had a blast thrifting for treasures to fill it with . . . and of course learning A LOT along the way . . . as you will hear more about later.

I revamped this baby changing table into a stylish kitchen hutch last October . . .

. . . here is a side by side BEFORE {blah yellowish 'wood'} and AFTER {yum coolness}:

I bought 'her' from a local family who no longer needed her . . . and while I didn't 'need' her either, I knew she could be more than just nursery furniture and could provide fabulous kitchen storage for a hip young couple (again not me -- it is just who I imagined would fall in love with her -- ever do that?).

I replaced her flimsy hutch backing with bead-board that I had cut to size at Lowe's.

She was painted with multiple coats of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint goodness in Old Ocher and French Linen.  I applied a combination of clear and dark wax to the French Linen (hutch back & 'counter tops'), 
and just used clear wax on the Old Ocher.

The interiors were painted in Duck Egg Blue for a bit of happy!

All the hardware was purchased at Pottery Barn {yay coupons!} . . . 
I love the 'ice box latch' for the cabinet door -- coolness!

I hand-wrote the labels for the 'bin' drawer pulls, and included additional labels 
for the new {hip} owners to change out as needed.

I was really happy with how she turned out . . . but I hope to stick to real wood furniture going forward.
She sold rather quickly in my shop {yay, income producing hobbies!} 
and is making a hip-young couple very happy in her new home!

Thank YOU so much for stopping in -- I will be sharing more soon (I promise)!
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