Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RePurpose a Vintage Soda Crate - Succulent Planter

I apologize for my tardy posts -- I have been enjoying our beautiful North Texas weather.  My front flower beds and garden demanded attention and I couldn't resist being outdoors.
I scored some beautiful flowering plants from our local Boy Scout Pack and the soil was just soft enough for me to plant them without asking for Mr. V's muscle -- he was very surprised to come home to the front flower beds all gussied up.  I hope my {un-green} thumb can keep them going strong.

I also popped over to Home Depot and scored some succulents to add to my weathered soda crates I ran across at a garage sale . . . LAST YEAR!  Mr. V has placed them out by the curb twice on trash day and I felt it was time to put them to use.  If he saw them in the garage again he might just load them in the back of his trusty pick-up and take them to the dump himself.    I inherited my father's tinkering trait and I fear I always 'have a plan' for the goodies I run across.   It is WAY beyond feathering the nest at this point -- so I can no longer use that excuse after almost 18 years of marriage.

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Here is what I created out of my $1 soda crate
I had never heard of K.C. Love brand prior to finding this crate -- however, after a bit of googling I found out some cool info on the company founded in 1919!
My plan is to use the soda crate planters as part of a summer centerpiece for a few patio / swim parties.  I think I will ignore them enough that they will thrive -- at least I hope so.  The succulents do not require much water so I am not too concerned that the wood will rot out quicker than the plants will outgrow their space.  I also added a bit of cork to the bottom of each bottle square prior to adding the soil.  Hmmm . . . looks like our teak furniture needs a little T.L.C. too, time to bring out the oil!
I was so happy how it turned out that I made two.  I plan to give the 2nd succulent crate to one of my favorite Pickers -- who goes estate sale shopping with me.  I know she'll love it and will give it a good home.

☼UPDATE ::: Check out how I have already used my crate as a centerpiece in our Buenos Noches ~ Couples Sunset Dinner!

Speaking of good home . . .
My little dove watches my every move out on the patio.  Yes, she is still 'on the nest' -- I even think she is looking a little bored with it.  Patiently we wait . . .

Today I created some amazing centerpieces for a neighbor that I can't wait to share with you!  I am delivering them to her late this afternoon, so I cannot share them until she has a chance to see them herself.  I will post pictures tomorrow -- hope they inspire you!

OH - and I forgot to post the 3 Winners of our Shop and Go Totes!  They have already been contacted -- in fact their totes are on their merry way to them as I write this!
Congratulations to ::: Cindy O, Shannon H, and Andrea R!  Thank you so much for entering the giveaway!  Watch for more giveaways soon -- I love surprising fans with FREE Goodies!!

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Hope you and your family are having a beautiful Earth Week (yes, we are beyond Earth Day).


  1. Ok, I totally love that. I love all things gardening. Good job!

  2. This is just adorable!!Featured it tonight ! Stop by and grab a featured button!!

    1. Yippee!! Thanks Bonnie & Trish :)

  3. Found via Uncommon's feature. very cute!

  4. I have 10 of these crates and have been thinking about doing the same thing with them.. But I wasn't sure about the bottoms either. Glad someone else tried it 1st!! Looks good

    1. Thanks Becky! I am misting the succulents, they are growing happily :)

  5. Hi-just wanted you to know I featured your vintage soda crate on my blog today-have a great weekend!!

  6. Love the succulent garden, what a great idea! Found you via Claire's post on Creating the Hive!
    Aloha from Hawaii!

  7. Cool idea! I can totally see this idea in your shop, too:


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