Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy Centerpieces You Can Make

My sweet neighbor called me the other day asking if I could 'whip up' some centerpieces for her two dining tables.  She is hosting a couples' bible study (her first time to host) and wanted her tables to be welcoming, without being overpowering, during the dinner portion of the evening. 
She sent me a couple of photos to give me an indication of the space -- she apologized in advance for the quick shots, but it was enough to give me ideas :).
I LOVE to create centerpieces, especially floral arrangements -- so I was thrilled that she thought of me.  We didn't determine a budget, but I knew something economical would be easy to create -- and she trusted that I wouldn't go overboard :)
I sent her this pic from Southern Living's magazine (back from the archives) as an idea for the dining room table.
and asked if she had some glass vases she would like me to use -- of course she did, so I ran over an snagged them.  She loved the idea of tulips too.
I soaked a cheapy grapevine wreath ($2.18 after 40% coupon) from Hobby Lobby overnight in water to soften it up -- before I clipped some vine and made a simple stem holder.  The round globe I borrowed was from a floral shop (flowers delivered from her husband) but I have seen this globe vase at Hobby Lobby inexpensively  (glass is really thin, so I handled with CARE).  The curvy glass she purchased from me sometime back.  It's called a Madeline Hurricane (small) and it is a fun piece to decorate with.  While, the square glass container, I pulled out from my stash for the long kitchen table.  It is a classic piece with heavy glass that can hold the most intricate of arrangments.  Much larger in person than it appears within my web store.   

I know the flower delivery schedule for all my favorite floral stops (most of which are grocery stores), so I headed out and picked up some pink tulips (20) for the dining room and alstroemeria for the kitchen.  Neither flower has a lot of fragrance so they are safe to use for dining table arrangments. 
I love how the tulip arrangments came out.  And since EVERYONE looks better by candlelight, I thought the Moraccan Pierced Luminaries would be gorgeous twinkling on the table as well (using unscented candles of course :).
Pretty pinks go together -- her tablecloth, and blooming azaleas in her backyard.  Sorry the flash really brightened up those tulips!

For the kitchen dining table . . .

I found these beautiful, deep read alstroemeria that I knew would be perfect. Don't you love how long alstroemeria lasts? The florist only had one bunch -- so I went to my overgrown backyard to see what else I could find in order to fill the container. 
I clipped some St. John's creeper (light pink trumpet flowers) and rosemary -- which is always a welcome addition to a dining arrangement.  I gave them all a good washing to avoid aphids and pollen ruining a nice dinner conversation.  Knowing my neighbor's home is colonial I knew I wouldn't go wrong by adding a few Gala Apples to the arrangment as well.   It looks beautiful on her kitchen table!
We are apple freaks so we always have some on hand.  These particular apples were not very good, so they were already replaced with fresher, sweeter apples -- so I had no problem stabbing them with a wooden skewer and adding them to the arrangement.   
We both liked the 'sprinkling' of the votive holders down the table -- it will be gorgeous once the table is set and the candles are lit.   Sorry -- this photo is a bit dark :(

She liked this apple arrangement so much, I promise to bring some faux botanicals over so we could recreated it permanently.   After we finished setting the table - we discussed serving, which is a whole other post :) I had such fun creating these for her -- I hope they inspire you to pick up a $8 bunch of grocery store flowers and give them a new home.  Your cabinet full of vases will Thank You -- they get lonely in the dark!

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  1. These are did a lovely job! I wish I had you for a neighbor. :) Thanks for sharing it at the Rock N Share...I'm so glad you joined the party! I shared this post on my FB page tonight.

  2. Thanks D! Much appreciated -- the compliments and the share :)
    I am a new fan of your blog and facebook page as well. Looking forward to chatting more. Take care!

  3. Those are so beautiful, Susie.
    I'm in love with the one for kitchen dining table :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. lovely!! perfect centerpieces....she knew you were the one to ask!!
    I am your newest follower from the hop...pls follow back if you can.
    have a great weekend!

  5. Love the use of the grapevines. Beautiful arrangements.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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