Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cool & Breezy ::: Paint Your Porch Ceiling Blue

We are definitely in the midst of patio season here in North Texas and we're gussying up our digs for late spring and early summer entertaining (before it gets unbearably hot). 

As I work on my wish list and project list, I thought I would share an idea that is worth all of us to consider . . . Painting your Porch Ceiling Blue :::
via Southern Living
This example from Southern Living is a playful nod to traditional Southern Haint Blue. A fan keeps the area cool on warm days, and curtains add privacy to the space.

The painted blue ceiling of this porch makes it just right for relaxing! Pale blue softens and diffuses light. It’s relaxing and more welcoming than white.

... Because pale blue ceilings look like the sky, they create the illusion of infinite height and seem to prolong daylight. As an added bonus, they supposedly keep bugs away. Could be insects are tricked into thinking the ceiling is the sky—not a good place to build a nest. It’s more likely that the pest control power of pale blue paint goes back to the days when it contained lye, a known insect repellent.

Pale blue paint has another benefit, too. Carolina low country legend has it that pale blue paint wards off Haints, spirits of the dead caught in a restless limbo between the physical world and the hereafter. Haints can’t cross water, so the Gullahs applied it to surfaces like porch ceilings, shutters, doors and window trim to keep them away. That’s why it’s called “Haint Blue.”

You won’t find Haint Blue at the hardware store, though. Haint Blue is a generic term that covers the many shades of blue that evoke water and sky. The best color for your porch ceiling depends on your exterior color scheme, porch orientation and the style of your house.

My opinion is that it is worth a try (the bug part, not so much the spirit part), especially on porch ceilings, gazebo ceilings, etc.
See tips & sources for Haint Blue Paint as well as here.

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Speaking of making the most from a patio --
My little turtle dove pair has made their home and is 'on the nest'!  They've been swapping turns since I spoke about them last week in my FLoWeR PoWeR HaPPy HouR post. 
Which begs me to question . . . the incubation period of their eggs.  About 2 weeks -- Thanks Wikipedia :)
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  2. The house is just stunning!I have enjoyed seeing your gorgeous home!!!



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