Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FLoWeR PoWeR Happy Hour!

Several girlfriends and I got together yesterday for a FLoWeR PoWeR Happy Hour -- that almost turned into a PoWeR Outage Happy Hour due to the all the storms that rolled through the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex yesterday. 
I had to share some great pictures of some of the creations -- Hope it inspires you to gather some friends and stretch your creative limbs.  At the end of the evening, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation and, hopefully, a newfound talent! 
The social aspect of getting together to create your table decorations is a such a BONUS!   Let's face it, we ALL Like to "Set a CUTE Table" even if what we are serving is carry-out! 
Take time to 'fiddle' with your arrangement until it makes you SMiLE!  Here our friend Jamie is 'getting jiggy with it' because she said it was 'wonky'.     
Wonky looks good Jamie!
She stands back for a 'once over' and . . .
Gives it the 'good enough' and proceeds to clean up her 'workspace'.  Tee hee, I am sure she is thinking "What?  I didn't see her taking pictures of me!  Darn that Susie Mrs V!"
Another Easy way we planned to add a bit of SPRING to our table -- Green Raffia with faux floral -- tied to a candleholder. 
The 'Soda Glass' Containers were a STEAL one day within my online store.  I post these incredible savings like these on my Facebook Page -- so if you like DEALS you'll want to be a fan.  There is so much versatility in these containers that we came up with several ideas in which to utilize them!
Terri adds texture to her container . . .
. . . but sometimes a little hot glue couldn't hurt!
Another beautiful centerpiece in the making --- while I SPY Tracie sticking out her tounge  (must help her creative coordination!)
Tracie & Terri are co-hosting an Easter Celebration!
Together they created a beautiful look -- using 2 Peep arrangements with Daffodils (getting ready to open) and the Willow House Lady Jane Bottleneck Vase with Gerbera Daisies.  FUN!
More Peeps!
JELL-O as a centerpiece? Why Not!
I am ALWAYS looking for inexpensive ways to fill glass containers -- so you will see several posts from me on this.  I gave myself a challenge when I saw this idea on Pinterest -- and it worked!  Our wheels are turning on different ways to incorporate JELL-O in centerpieces -- so Stay tuned! 
•  For this arrangement -- we all agreed that sprinkling a few daisy petals on TOP of the jiggly JELL-O would add the must needed texture.  I apologize for not 'lighting my wick', because it looks pretty when the candle is burning.  ALSO -- I made this JELL-O arrangement 10 days ago -- talk about your Make-ahead-arrangements!
I really should do a video post on this. 
Fake Faux flowers take on a more realistic look under water.  So yank off the flower heads and put them under glass or water and light a candle on top.
You can't go wrong with Tulips in the Willow House Parkside Hurricane -- love this piece!

The Daffodils are opening up beautifully today -- the storms have passed and we are looking forward to a Fabulous Easter!
When I went out to snap this picture I disturbed a few turtle doves . . .
Second shot taken a few minutes later from inside the house.
I tossed out a bit of paper shred for the lovelies and they are back to building their nest and prepping for a family!

Happy Spring!
Please share with me if you and friends host your own FLoWeR PoWeR Happy Hour -- I'd love to hear!


  1. You have such great ideas, Mrs. glad to know your blog address!!

    1. Yippee Suzanne! So happy you 'found' me :) Thanks so much!


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