Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Introduction to Annie Sloan

A few weeks ago, I was UBeR Excited to attend the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,  ASCP, workshop in Dallas, TX and meet the gracious Annie Sloan herself.
A completely wonderful experience!  Annie is pure delight.  She is a wealth of information about paint, color, design history, art  -- and she presented so much information that we all just sat back and absorbed it all!  She has so many wonderful ideas and her creativity just oozes. 
She is currently in America on tour and Dallas, Tx was one of her stops for her hands on workshops -- YiPPee SKiPPee!

I was first introduced to Annie's paints through Miss Mustard Seed and I was very anxious to learn various techniques and put them 'to work'.

'Back in the Day' I sold hand-painted furniture in the cultural district of Fort Worth (a hobby really - preMom years). I am anxious to work with 'today's cutting edge materials' and pick up my brushes again.  

Annie loves color!  And teased when someone asked if she might be coming out with a true black paint (currently chalkpaint comes in a beautiful graphite that can be darkened when used with the dark wax) . . . part of her response was that she sees so many painting their furniture black in America -- I blame Pottery Barn.  She may be right!
If you ever have the chance to attend one of her events or pop into her shop in Oxford, England, to meet her, you definitely should.

I attended the workshop alone, but made many friends and contacts throughout the day.  The hands-ons portion was fantastic, especially since I haven't worked with chalkpaint before. These classes were kept small enough so we could all go around and see each other's work -- and everyone's finished projects turned out differently, since we put our own spin on the techniques being taught.  Fun! 

There were many professional designers, interior decorators, hobbiest and homemakers from all over Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas in attendance.  Everyone was very forthcoming on their experience and I left feeling like I spent a long weekend in the company of women who create, though it was just a day. 
There were only women in our particular workshop, though 1 of Annie's 3 sons accompanied her on this leg of the tour.  Perhaps because Annie herself says of her paint 'this is girls' paint, (but boys can use it too)'.    The paint itself is wonderfully creamy, highly pigmented and perfect for painting on furniture -- but it seems to sticks to everything!  Many talked about their experience painting floors, upholstered furniture (leather and fabric), metal, appliances(!), stone, brick and more!

If you’d like to get to know Annie better, you can follow her on her blog, Paint & Colour, or connect with her on the ASCP FaceBook Page and pick up a couple of her fabulous books!
Annie graciously shared so much with us and allowed us to take many many pictures. She has more books coming out within the year -- so be on the lookout. 

Some of the material she presented in her seminar will be included in her new workbooks. I for one cannot wait!  Stay tuned as I post some of my ChalkPaint Projects -- there will be many to share :)

I would love to hear your experience with chalkpaint and if you are considering giving it a try!  Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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