Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simple Autumn Mantel

Changing out our mantel decor happens about as often as I clean out our vacuum cleaner container.
I like to keep my family guessing what I did on any given day.  
In fact, I opened up a booth recently at an 'Antique' Mall and immediately built and installed a mantel upon taking 'ownership'.  I will definitely share that soon -- as it was a really fun project to work on.
This year, our Fall / Halloween / Thanksgiving, and yes even Christmas decorating will be based on 
what we already own.  Which, admittedly, can be a bit tough for me -- so try to hold me to it okay?

This is our Faux Fall, Familiar Favorites Mantel.

I first added a thin burlap 'scarf' to the mantel for warmth.  It is just a burlap remnant from some leftover yardage.  It measures 7" x 114" (including the frayed gathered ends) -- took minutes to create and 
I use it throughout the year when I want to soften a combination of materials or add texture and warmth.
I topped the scarf with a framed ornate metal wall hanging that came with the burlap backing.
I bought it years ago at a local decorator's sample sale.  
It has a crack in the wood frame - that is hardly noticeable. 

Next I included a few sprigs of dancing orchids to one of my favorite glass & metal hurricanes.
Nestled in a ceramic cat figurine that was my Mother in law's and the Chalk Paint Planter I made-over 
a few month back -- it just added a burlap wrapped pot of preserved mustard seed yellow yarrow stems
 Candlelight is a must, and the glow comes from a ceramic luminary trio 
that also adds the perfect touch of color.
Finally a white ceramic pitcher filled with pheasant feathers helps to visually balance the right side with a tall, thin hurricane filled with small gourds, preserved leaves and a bit of reindeer moss.
Quick, simple and on on hand.  Let's see if my husband and son notice it ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by --
Hope you are having a fabulous time decorating for fall!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PoP of CoLoR for the Porch with a Ladder Style Makeover

Sometimes the best ideas are simple.  
And this year my fall decorating belongs in the simple category . . .
bringing together all the beauty of fall in an uncomplicated manner.
I adore the warm colors of fall -- but when it comes to my back porch 
(which is already a rustic brown), I need to liven things up with a PoP of CoLoR!
And that PoP came from an unexpected purchase . . . 
. . . a dusty Bamboo Style Ladder Shelf that wasn't feeling 'the love'.  
The previous owner wanted to lose it because her toddler son 
couldn't resist using it to practice his climbing skills (owner's picture -- see her cute climber?)
 Can you blame him?
So I picked it up, cleaned it up and gave it the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint treatment . . . 
in a gorgeous Florence with a dark wax finish.
This ladder shelf was exactly what my porch was looking for . . . 
after all, who doesn't need a display piece on their porch?

And I am in love with the color!  Running my hands along the finish . . . I seem to hear a sigh of gratitude.
The details are now apparent and the shelves are no longer being climbed . . . 
well, perhaps a hungry pest may climb them . . .
. . . in search of that tasty Indian Corn.
But as I see this gorgeous PoP of Color from my screen door as I type this . . . 
I know we will be enjoying this piece for a while, and that 
I will not be leaving the corn out for any pests that happen to pass by :)

P.S.  Do you own a furniture piece that isn't working for you?  
Give it new life or sell it to someone who will -- psst . . . I'm in the Dallas / Fort Worth area :)

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Hope you are having a Fabulous Day!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All Hallow's Eve Table

When it comes to All Hallow's Eve, I lean towards spooky, not horror and I am a big fan of suspense.
Cute is not only discouraged, it is practically forbidden by my family of critics . . . 
SKULLS . . . Yes, Smiling Jack-o-Lanterns . . . not so much.  

The dripping candles were very inexpensive -- they are toilet paper rolls.  As as I see in the daylight, my impatience is showing as they all could of used another coat of spray paint (Oops!).

I followed these directions from Crafts Unleashed.  Super simple, all you need is a TP roll, scissors, hot glue and spray paint.  For the black candles, I covered the candle 'wick' with a piece of tape and I spray painted the battery operated light too.  I stuffed cotton balls inside the tubes to allow the little lights to be at the perfect height.  I even put a small bead of hot glue on the base of the black ones to adhere to the metal Lyric Candelabra -- knowing the hot glue will pop off of the metal when I want it to.

All the small crows are from Dollar Tree - bought just this past week. And the large crow I have had for years -- thinking I bought him from Grandinroad, but not completely sure.
Originally the center Tiered Stand was decorated for a Willow House WHINGO Party (Willow House Prized Bingo) . . . sorry for the shoddy picture, this was taken at the very end of the night . . . . zzzzzz.
I wanted to add to the centerpiece for an upcoming Halloween Party's buffet table.

The small cages are called Lollie Lanterns, and I spray-painted them as well
(pretty much nothing is safe with me) with a matte black.    I added an branch to mingle
with the stand to give it more of a tree-like appearance.
I love how the crows' and raven's eyes seem to follow you  . . . 

For the table covering, I picked up some cheese cloth at Target and 'grayified' it. 
I opened it up completely and then wadded it into a ball and put it in a bowl of water.  
I squirted out some gray craft paint into one hand and picked up the wet cheese cloth 
with the other, squeezed out some of the water and then wiped my gray painted hands all over it. 
I reopened up the cheese cloth, and hung it out to dry (which took no time at all).  
Cheaper than Halloween gauze.

I really like how the cheese cloth lays across the table like fog.

The smiling skeleton coming out of the coffin was purchased from Red Envelope years ago . . .
the candles always burn too quickly, so I will need to find small tapers with battery operated lights for it.

Thimble Domes hold another smiling skeleton buddy -- one that lost his head, on a bed of Spanish Moss.

Black Roses add an elegant touch in a 'Mercury Glass' Votive Holder

How do you decorate for Halloween?  Spooky, Cute or Horror?  I'd love to hear your tips!

As ALWAYS -- Thank You for Stopping By!

Tabletop Sources :::
•  White Tablecloth - cheap-y from
•  Raven flocked table runner - Pottery Barn several years back
•  Cheesecloth from Target 2 square yards $2.49 (in kitchen utensil area)
•  Lyric Candelabra from Willow House
•  Green Glittery Spider from Michael's
•  Willow Sprig Tiered Stand from Willow House
•  Manzanita Branch from Save-on-Crafts 
•  Lollie Lanterns from Willow House (spray painted black)
•  Spanish Moss from Hobby Lobby
•  Small Crows from Dollar Tree
•  'Mercury Glass' Celestial Votives from Willow House
•  Small Skeleton Heads from Pier 1 Imports a few years back, Michaels had similar ones
 Small Glass Amelia Thimble Domes from Willow House
•  Skeleton coming out of coffin from Red Envelope several years back

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Christmas Cheer in July

Be merry all, be merry all,
With holly dress the festive hall;
Prepare the song, the feast, the ball,
To welcome merry Christmas.
~William Robert Spencer
rooms & walls were built inside a large showroom for our product showcase
-- the created 'rooms' didn't have ceilings, unless they were built for lighting purposes.
The Door Mat is from Target.
There is something about looking at Christmas pictures, ornaments in the store and football on the TV that causes the temperature to drop 15 degrees . . . or is that just me?   I ran to Hobby Lobby today to pick up some materials for our next Flower Power Happy Hour and made a point to avoid the Christmas section.  I can't bring myself to do it . . . it will be here soon enough.  
Willow Sprig Centerpiece hung as a lantern with our Simone Double Old-Fashioned as candle holders.
I can't resist sharing these (So Darn Creative) Pictures taken at the Willow House Annual Meeting (we affectionately call WHAM!) -- our creative team is the best!  They always surprise us with clever decorating ideas, and it is one of my favorite get-togethers of the year!

Turquoise door (Benjamin Moore - Baltimore Sky 760)
Our French Wire 3-Tier Stand created a Snowman Wreath - by separating the tiers.  
Boxwood garland was wired onto the tiers to form wreaths, 
and metal Bows, from our Berry & Bow Door Buckets (see mantel) adorn each one. 
These Holiday Door Buckets are adorable metal stockings -- so cute adorning a picket fence!
I'll limit this post to just a few Christmas highlights -- to bring all our temperatures down a few degrees (yes, even as we watch the Olympic Athletes sweat up a storm! 
Is the fake snow making you feel cooler?  I think it is time for a frozen margarita, or at least a snow-cone :) How about it I start reciting The Night Before Christmas . . . 'The stockings were hung . . . '
Shingle Paint Color - Benjamin Moore - Louisburg Green HC-113.
If I could have . . . I would of packed Mr.Snow in my suitcase!  Isn't he adorable?  
Mr. Snow (my affectionate name for him) is made from 3 sizes of glittery plastic ornaments glued
to 3 different sizes of Styrofoam balls.  His scarf if a satin ribbon with felt eyes and a paper cone nose.
He is resting nicely in our Odessa Planter.
Our Odessa Angel gracefully joins our Jackson Square Mirror (with boxwood star wreath),
Lady Jane Bottleneck Vase (large) and Wireweave Baskets with an assortment of turquoise ornaments.
Coronado Stone Planters are shown on the lower level with hydrangea blooms & berry picks.
Two Montcrest Adjustable Hurricanes adorned with ribbon stand at attention like nutcrackers.
Come into my Favorite Christmas Room!
Do you also LOVE all the color?
Red Rug:  Crate & Barrel.  Large Red Ornaments are from Hobby Lobby.
Slip covered Chair from IKEA and the trees are handmade - covered in fabric!
Very striking, yet easy to duplicate - right?  
Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore - Dune Grass 482
Mantel Painted: Benjamin Moore - Northern Cliffs 1536
Even with a 'fake fire' you'll want to show off your Cordova Firescreen :)

I adore the fabric covered trees -- I am already looking at our tree's many branches 
and thinking which one will make the best colorful tree for the game room . . . 
I suppose they could be wire & paper mache and not real branches underneath.
Mental Note:  Solid Bright Colored Wrapping Paper for Christmas this year!
The wall above the mantel is an instant attention grabber!
Three Portico Accent Plates with our Holiday Hanging Trio - each accented with red satin ribbon.
These bold pieces look striking together as a grouping!
11x14" frames filled with solid paper, looks like they added a little Rub'n Buff to the frame.
The Door Buckets are hanging from our Fireside Stocking Hangers, and our
Athena Crackle Vase is dressed up with Kermit Mums (thriller), 
Oversized Lollipops & Candy Canes (filler) and Green Berry Picks (spiller)

Remember the Berry & Bow Door Buckets that donated their metal bows to the front door's snowman?  Here they are . . . filled with tulips, carnations and kermit / button mums (so pretty!)  

I'm rethinking when I will actually 'hang' our Christmas Stockings now.  
I think I will hold them until Christmas Eve, and hang door buckets as a placeholder for them this year.
If Santa does make it down the faux chimney, he'll have some delicious sweet treats waiting for him.

The Wirework Treasure Box Ornament comes in an assortment of 3, with $2 from each set sold going towards CUT IT OUT, an organization dedicated to helping battered women escape abuse and rebuild a better life for themselves and their families.  We are PROUD to support CUT IT OUT!
Cordova Nesting Table topped with two of our Riverstone Platters and Harmony Tea Cups.

Off to the next 'room' -- a little Christmas breakfast nook!
Doesn't our Athena Crackle Vase make a perfect lamp base?  
Teal Table from Nadeau Furniture.
Walls are painted:  Benjamin Moore - Smoke Embers 1466
Our Odessa Angel appears again - this time dressed up with a Pink Paper Cone for an 
added PoP of color, she is resting on our Jackson Square Pedestal next to our 
The Zella Notice Boards are the perfect spot to display cards & holiday wishes.

I am in love with the Tinsel Tree (hobby lobby) tucked in our Lady Jane Vase, Small.
The tinsel tree is adorned with some of our large and small Prism Glass Ornaments.
Chevron Table Lines (Love these!) are from Smith Variety Store in Birmingham, AL
(wonder if they ship?)

Lastly the dining chairs were adorned with our Avalon Accent Trees 
holding fresh flowers and silver tinsel for extra sparkle!
Silver Chairs are Custom Made -- cute, especially with the pink linen seat!!

I hope you enjoyed this Cheerful Christmas in July tour.
Is it making you rethink what color palette you use to decorate for Christmas?
It is, most definitely, for me!